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Using EchoSign or something similar

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1 Using EchoSign or something similar on Wed Feb 11, 2015 11:09 am

Just curious. I did not see this addressed yet on the forum. Since the program has a feature that allows you create and store contracts. Would using a program like EchoSign that allows electronic signatures still be beneficial? Or can I do the same thru via the breeder zoo program? I am assuming if you still need to use a separate program, those contracts could easily be dropped into this system once completed. But, would hate to pay for another service if I can just use breeder zoo to email contracts for signatures.
So far, I am loving this. Of course it is work getting my info in, but I can see once the back log is done and in, going forward will be a breeze.

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2 Re: Using EchoSign or something similar on Wed Feb 11, 2015 8:51 pm


I wish I could do electronic signature in BreederZOO! I can see that being an option at some point, but it will require BreederZOO's mother program FileMaker to offer this capability. I use Echosign for my contracts all the time. I just save my BreederZOO contracts as a PDF and upload them to Echosign. The trial version of BreederZOO can't save docs as a PDF like the full version can. The full version has the power of FileMaker running behind BreederZOO to make PDF and email functionality possible.

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